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4 Ways Yoga Improves Dental Health

08 Dec , 2020

It is universally known that yoga helps improve balance and flexibility. What people don’t know is that by doing yoga you can improve dental health too! Read on to know how.

When you begin to realise that all your body parts are interconnected, then it is not hard to understand and see how this works. Just like how certain conditions of the mouth like gingivitis have been connected to heart disease and other health problems, similarly, yoga and teeth also go hand in hand.

Yoga is a therapeutic practice that aids in improving mental well being, circulation, flexibility and the health of our joints, muscles, organs and the health of teeth too.
If you don’t think yoga is for you, hopefully after reading this article, you will change your mind.

Here are four reasons how yoga improves the health of your teeth.
1. Relieves stress – Off late, everyone seems to have stress in some form or the other. It’s becoming hard to get away from it and it feels like it’s chasing us. Yoga is a great way to bring down your stress levels. Stress not only leads to depression, anxiety and high blood pressure but also causes problems for your teeth. Not only do stressed people avoid the dentist but they also grind their teeth. Grinding teeth causes wear and tear of the teeth, sometimes cracks and fillings too can get damaged which can cause nerve damage, occasionally the dentin layer becomes exposed which causes sensitivity to spruce up, gums can recede due to the pressure, jaws and head begin to ache because the muscles are overworked and seldom jaw impairment. Additionally, due to stress, salivary glands impede the production of saliva which is needed to wash away food particles and bacteria. The reduced production of saliva can lead to dry mouth as well, which is an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. If left alone, these bacteria can cause decay. Gums can also become inflamed due to stress leading to a variety of issues. Through yoga, you can alleviate stress and keep the mind calm for prolonged periods. Yoga also promotes relaxation which drains the stress out of you. Practising yoga on a regular basis will keep you calm and relaxed.

2. Stimulating the salivary glands – A reduced production of saliva leads to dry mouth and dry mouth causes the bacteria in your mouth to increase which leads to tooth decay eventually. Yoga helps stimulate the salivary glands and the production of saliva is known to increase. By the practice of yoga, we can assist our bodies in bringing down the growth of bacteria in our mouth.

3. Improves posture – Your posture affects your entire body including teeth. A bad posture can cause the lower jaw to move forward. The alignment of teeth can be affected and the outcome of this is a condition called TMJ disorder and TMJ can affect the teeth and cause problems like grinding. Sometimes due to TMJ people even have difficulty in chewing and swallowing food. The face and jaw are likely to hurt when you have TMJ.
A good posture helps breathing, improves confidence, alleviates mood, improves memory, reduces stress, increases energy and enhances productivity. By merely sitting upright and straight when stressed can help you become positive and maintain self-esteem. Apart from this, yoga takes the strain off of the jaw and prevents a number of issues from occurring.

4. Reduce inflammation – The body responds to the harmful stimulus by the way of inflammation. In your mouth, the bacteria present can cause inflammation. Inflammation gets worse with stress and yoga helps relieve stress.

Our bodies have amazing ways of healing. We need to take time out understand them and utilise them. By simply indulging in yoga which helps reduce stress, improve posture, reduce inflammation and improve saliva production we can keep a number of dental problems at bay like plaque build-up to erosion of the enamel to decay of the tooth. Use yoga in combination with good oral hygiene practices like brushing, flossing etc. for the best possible results.

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