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7 Things Your Dentist Wants You To Know

08 Dec , 2020

Taking care of your teeth is a tough task. Bacteria in your mouth, is ever present, trying to eat away at your teeth and cause harm. Read on to know more about the consequences of not cleaning your teeth, common mistakes and things dentists want you to know.

  1. Apart from teeth, dentists are specialists in far more. Not only do they keep your smile looking great, but when you climb into their chair, they focus on your complete oral health. This includes aspects like detecting oral cancer and correcting jaw problems. Regular visits to the dentist will ensure that you’re on the right track to oral hygiene.
  2.  Toothpaste needs to be used in the right way. It is not like soap. On the contrary, it’s more like a topical agent like a body lotion for example which, the longer it’s in contact with your skin, the better. Similarly, toothpaste is more effective – the longer it is in contact with your teeth.
  3. Don’t floss just before visiting the dentist, the experts can very well tell that you’ve got the inspiration to floss all of a sudden, specifically, in the nick of time, just before your appointment. This, on the other hand, causes more harm than actually helping your gums. Your gums display more than you know about their health. For healthy gums, you need on-going care and not one-time care. To begin with, learn the proper technique (click here to watch how…) then commit yourself to carrying out flossing on a daily basis. As the saying goes, time heals all wounds.
  4. Pain or the lack of it even, shouldn’t be your guide. At times, how your teeth feel can carefully mask dental complications. All dental problems need not necessarily cause pain, hence, pain can be misguiding. If you go to the dentist regularly, problems can be picked up early on which can lead to early treatment before it gets too serious or complicated.
  5. A dry mouth leads to the festering of bacteria. Saliva is a cleaning agent and contains antibacterial properties which help repair and restore the teeth by neutralizing the acids which eat away the enamel. So get a solution for dry mouth, drinks lots of water and which in turn keeps bacteria at bay.
  6. Brushing, flossing and other manual methods are the only way of removing plaque. If this is not carried out then, plaque will sit in your mouth infinitely. Every single surface in your mouth can get covered by plaque, even places which you cannot see or even reach with your toothbrush. You need to brush and more importantly floss to reach in between your teeth where food particles get lodged. Although flossing can be a huge pain, it goes a long way in oral health. Don’t floss too hard because incorrectly flossing and flossing too hard can not only cause damage to your gums but also fail to remove plaque. Learn the right technique.  click here to know more…
  7. No matter how small, a chip in the tooth is extremely susceptible to tooth decay. A soft bone-like tissue that covers the root called dentin becomes exposed when a tooth chips. Dentin, unlike enamel which is the natural defence system of our teeth against decay, rapidly decays especially when the chipped part is exposed to bacteria. A small chip can cause serious harm. So get it fixed at the earliest. (Click here to know more…)

In wrapping up

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time because you are ashamed or embarrassed by your teeth, unlike what you think, you’re not the only one.  Almost 40% of the people do not go regularly. Even if you are one of those people who takes effort in maintaining oral hygiene, visiting a dentist for you too is imperative. A lot of things which a layman cannot see can be seen by the dentist. Looks aren’t everything. There is more to that perfect smile than you think. Only a dentist will know what’s lurking inside your mouth. Plan and schedule regular visits, it’s never too late.

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