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8 Reasons Why Tooth Decay Happens

08 Dec , 2020

Tooth decay is a very, very common dental problem faced by millions and has existed even before the dawn of chocolate. Most people are unaware that the root cause of toothache they’ve been having is because of tooth decay. It’s time to look into tooth decay and make you understand what tooth decay is and what the causes are.

So what is tooth decay ?

When food remains amasses in your mouth, it starts to turn into plaque. This plaque hardens over time and turns into tartar. The bacteria living in your mouth break down this tartar into acids which cause a reaction with your teeth and they start to eat into the enamel. This can be extremely painful overtime, as the nerves are exposed. Leaving it untreated can lead to your entire tooth being eaten away and in turn affecting your overall dental health.

If you don’t want a smile like a hockey player, then keep reading to know what the causes of tooth decay are:

  1. Poor oral hygiene – Brushing regularly, flossing after meals, brushing your tongue, using good toothpaste and brushing twice a day are a few pre-requisites to good oral hygiene. Not carrying this out will lead to poor oral hygiene. These are just a few basics things which you carry out on a regular day-to-day basis without much hassle.
  2. Nutrition – Eating healthy foods like greens, fruits, vegetables and following a balanced diet is definitely the way to go and is essential. Avoiding junk food, foods that are high in carbs and sugar is best suited for your body.
  3. Sugary foods – Bacteria’s best friend is sugar, they literally feed off of sugary foods. The sugar reacts with the bacteria to produce harmful acids which eat into your teeth, causing cavities and decay. All this can occur in a matter of seconds.
  4. Acidic items – Foods and drinks that we consume on a regular basis do have acids. Unlike these items, aerated drinks, sugary beverages and sugary foods form a coating on your teeth which begin to react and damage them instantly.
  5. Tooth grinding – People grind their teeth without even realizing they are doing so. It typically occurs when a person is asleep or when they are highly stressed. Grinding your teeth leads to wear and tear of the outer layer of the enamel which makes the teeth susceptible to infection and eventually tooth decay.
  6. Genes – Similar to inheriting the colour of hair, eyes etc. from your family, enamel complications, strength of teeth, deep crevices etc. too are passed down to generations.
  7. Age – With age, your teeth begin to wear out and the enamel is stripped away slowly. This makes it weak and the reactions with the acids in the food develop much faster causing decay to happen sooner than later.
  8. Dry mouth – Lack of saliva not only leads to wear and tear of the enamel due to friction but also contributes to the growth of plaque which in due course of time causes tooth decay.

Did anything on this list ring a bell? If all this sounds familiar, it’s not too late. Start undoing all you’re doings by:

  1. a) Visiting the dentist regularly
  2. b) Keep your teeth clean and healthy.

It’s time to turn over a new leaf, and start taking care of your teeth.

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