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Alcoholic Drinks – The Best And the Worst For Your Dental Health

08 Dec , 2020

Before you run off to your favourite bar or restaurant, we at DentoXpert have put together a list of alcoholic drinks that are good and bad for you in terms of the damage they can cause to your teeth.

Honestly, all types of alcohol are bad for teeth especially if consumed regularly. But for regular and social drinkers, it’s best to be aware of those alcoholic drinks that will erode/damage the teeth more than others.

Hint: If a beverage has a lower pH level, the more it will damage teeth. A low pH level means that the teeth enamel can erode faster due to high levels of acid.

Boomers and millennia’s, this information is for you! Let’s see what some of your favourite drinks can do to your teeth.

Best drinks for your teeth

There is no such thing as the ‘best’ alcoholic drink for your teeth, take it with a pinch of salt. However, you can curb some damage from those night outs.

Light beer

If you’re a beer lover, then you’re in luck!

The upside – light beers generally have low acidity levels and high water content which makes them a relatively safer preference.

The downside – although there no sugars in beer, it contains carbs which can be converted into sugars.

Tip: Lighter the beer the better for your teeth.

Gin and tonic

A classic drink which when sipped on delivers more than just the air of sophistication.

The upside – Since both gin and tonic are clear liquids, the risk of staining your teeth is taken away. It also has acidity levels which are relatively low.

The downside – yes, it doesn’t land in the safe zone entirely. Tonic’s carbonation can contribute to damage to the teeth.

Tip: This drink can be good for your teeth if you load it up with ice which waters down the drink. Also, avoid the citrusy garnish wedges.


Cava is a Spanish wine which is similar in taste to champagne but has a slightly bitter flavour. It’s found in both rose and white varieties. The risk of staining is reduced if the colour is lighter. Cava also boasts of high pH levels. Cava is as far as good gets!

Worst drinks for your teeth

Between copious amounts of sugar, skyrocketing levels of acidity and dark colours, certain types of alcohol can truly shake and stir the health of your teeth.

Here are drinks to avoid when you hit the bar this weekend.

 Mixed drinks and cocktails

Margaritas, rum and coke and even vodka and cranberry are drinks to help you relax after a long and hard day or week but consuming these drinks regularly which contain high sugars is very bad for your teeth.

Did you know – sipping on these drinks every weekend means that these sugary substances with high acidic levels are in constant touch with your teeth. It’s almost like sucking on a candy for hours together on a daily basis. Yes, that’s how bad it is!

Whiskey and coke – coke has a combination of carbonation plus low pH levels and a dark colour. Whiskey is no angel either – it also has low pH levels and dark colours.

Vodka cranberry – Although cranberry does mask the overpowering taste of vodka, don’t be fooled by the label that says ‘fruit’. Cranberry juice has a deep purple colour which is stain causing and also loads of added sugar.


It’s time to rip that band-aid off completely.

The downside – Wine has high acidic levels and sweet wines have too much sugar. Red wine apart from having high acidic levels also has staining properties. More pigmented the red wine, the more stained your teeth will get.

The upside – A dry white wine is the best choice for your teeth.

While there are serious risks to oral health when you drink alcohol, steps can be taken to minimize damage. Keep an arms distance from sugar-laden and dark drinks. Keep sipping on water through the night.

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