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Are Periodontics And Orthodontics Related, Or Are They Different?

08 Dec , 2020

Are periodontics and orthodontics related?

In a way, yes, they are related because they both have to do with the teeth and what is going on in our mouths.  This however is where the similarities between them ends.

So are they different?

Yes, actually, they are quite different. While the two of them do have to do with oral health, they deal with two very different aspects of it. Here’s how:


Periodontics deals with oral health and dental hygiene. It tries to study the mouth so as to prevent dental infections and cavities. Essentially, it seeks to prevent any infections of the periodontium. In fact the main focus of periodontics is the prevention of inflammatory diseases of the gums and other structures that are responsible for holding all our teeth in place. We at DentoXpert say that’s its simple enough to understand the reasoning behind the need for such a study: if something is wrong with the foundation, it won’t be long before the entire structure comes crumbling down. An important part of the study of periodontics is the process of placing dental implants. Most periodontists are trained in the field of cosmetic periodontal procedures.

Here is an in-depth article about Periodontics. Do read to widen your knowledge.

Similarly, this article here as more information on all you need to know about dental implants.


 Orthodontics however is a completely different field of specialization. It is a field of dentistry that deals with the correction of teeth and jaws that are not positioned properly. Basically, if you have ever had braces, you would have had to go to an orthodontist.

Aside from the cosmetic side of it all, orthodontists are quite important to our oral hygiene. Badly formed teeth and jaw structures can soon develop cavities and infections if one is not careful. By rectifying the badly shaped or irregularly placed teeth, orthodontists give your teeth a much longer lifetime and save you several trips to the periodontics’.

Complementing forces

While the two might seem to oppose each other, they actually complement each other very well. Orthodontics help rectify the external and structural abnormalities that might cause internal problems as well whereas periodontics help rectify afflictions within the teeth and gums that can have far reaching consequences to your health.

Notable difference

An important difference between the two is the fact that periodontists chiefly deal with intensive procedures that might involve surgery to prevent or alleviate any stress on the teeth and gums. Orthodontists however, generally tend to use appliances to force your teeth to behave and fall into place, quite literally.

A final say

At DentoXpert we believe, while they do have their differences, the two are quite important to your dental hygiene and overall oral health. Be sure not to miss a visit to your periodontist or orthodontist so that your teeth, gums and oral health in general are at minimal risk. The consequences of neglecting either aspect of your oral hygiene are far too many and severe to be worth the trouble.

P.S: For a quick look at some simple dos and don’ts that will help keep your teeth in shape, read this article!

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