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Dental Facts Every Expectant Mother Needs to Know

08 Dec , 2020

Being pregnant is a great thing and also a crucial time in your life. As advised by your doctor, you are taking care of yourself. At such a time, your oral health is just as important – don’t forget to consult with a good dentist who will provide proper guidance in taking care of your gums and teeth.

As an expectant mother, here are few facts that you need to know:

Does the calcium required for the baby’s teeth come from the mother’s teeth?

How can an expectant mother care for her teeth during pregnancy?

  • An expectant mother should brush her teeth twice a day with toothpaste which is recommended by the dentist, one that is high in fluoride. Also to clean the gaps between your teeth, you need to floss regularly. If you do not know the right method of flossing or brushing, ask your dentist.
  • Do not wait until an emergency to tell the dentist that you are an expectant mother. Telling them prior can lead to them having a variety of treatment plans.
  • During pregnancy, you go through hormonal changes which put you at more risk for periodontal diseases. Due to this, it is important to visit the dentist regularly. A condition called ‘pregnancy gingivitis’ (gums which are tender and bleed easily) is also something you are prone to easily. Therefore, schedule more frequent visits to the dentist especially during the last part of your pregnancy.
  • An expectant mother or not, it is imperative to brush twice a day and floss once a day. Use a brush with soft bristles and good quality toothpaste.
  • Sometimes, morning sickness can keep you from brushing. In such a case, changing the flavour of the toothpaste can help. Choose a flavour that you will be able to tolerate.
  •  Rinsing your mouth after you vomit, if you suffer from morning sickness, can help prevent erosion of the enamel or formation of cavities. The stomach acids which reach your mouth are the primary cause of harm to your teeth.

The effect of pregnancy on gums

The hormone called progesterone rises during pregnancy. This causes your gums to become overly sensitive especially to bacterial plaque. You might notice that your gums are red and puffy or even blood when you brush. Gingivitis is very common between the second to the eighth month of pregnancy. Another common problem experienced during the second trimester is ‘pregnancy tumour’ which is caused when the gum tissue overgrows. It is formed because there is too much plaque and is non-cancerous.

Expectant mothers, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind!

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