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Did you know that tongue problems can affect basic oral functions?

08 Dec , 2020

The tongue is the first organ that comes in contact with food and allows us to savor and experience delicious tastes and flavors. Now imagine, what if something was wrong with your tongue and you couldn’t taste the spice or the sugar in your food! Horrible, right? Well to make sure your taste buds are fully functioning and always intact, we are discussing tongue problems and how these conditions can affect your basic oral functions.


The tongue becomes inflamed, red and swollen. Instead of bumps, you will be able to feel a smoothness on the surface of your tongue. This condition is usually a result of some sort of injury to the tongue caused by rough teeth, ill-fitting dentures or by a particularly rough edge in a tooth. Patients are recommended to not eat food that is too spicy because that might exacerbate the condition. Restrictions on what you can eat and drink are placed on the patient to help bring the condition under control. Medication usually helps patients get rid of the swelling and pain.


Candidiasis is a yeast fungal type of infection that manifests as white patches on the tongue. It comes with a high risk that and not treated on time, the infection can spread into the blood and cause further complications. If you come across a patch on your tongue that cannot be scraped off with a  tongue cleaner, you should consult your dentist. Everyday oral functions like eating, brushing or rinsing your mouth might be affected if the condition is not treated on time.

Oral Leukoplakia

White patches on your tongue as well as mouth that cannot be scraped off might be due to Oral Leukoplakia. It tends to reoccur and in more severe cases, might even lead to mouth cancer. However, the chances are minimal but this doesn’t mean you become lazy about getting the white patches checked out by your doctor.

Oral Lichen Planus

White lacy patches usually develop on the inside of your cheeks and are generally painless. However, not getting it treated can lead to ulcers, which, as we all know, are a complete bummer because of the constant pain and increased sensitivity in your mouth. These Ulcers that develop that make it difficult to brush your teeth or eat hot and cold foods.

Burning Mouth Syndrome

If you feel your tongue or mouth is on fire, it is probably not true. However, there might be a problem that merits a visit to the doctor. This syndrome is usually due to some other underlying condition, such as menopause, anxiety, depression, and a bad reaction to medication, mouthwash or toothpaste. With such a sensation constantly in your mouth, the doctor will recommend that you don’t eat acidic foods, consume alcohol, smoke, drink a lot of fluids and completely avoid spicy food.

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