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Fascinating Facts about Smiles!

08 Dec , 2020

“The key to a good life is right under your nose”

Our smiles were probably invented to get us through the turbulence’s in life, a device that can help you treat triumph and disaster just the same. A smile can cure your negativity as well as others’. With just one subtle grin, you can capture a lifetime worth of happiness and subsequently, a healthy mind.

A smile is free, enriching and productive as it creates fond memories, cures tiredness and sadness and sets the mood for everybody in the room. You know what they say; no one is rich enough to go through life without the need to smile and no one is so poor that they cannot enjoy the sweet benefits of a smile.

So let’s look at some fascinating facts about smiles, in the hope that reading each one of them makes you smile!

Fascinating facts about smiles:

Let’s look at some of the most fascinating facts about the mood antidote called smile.

  • A smile is contagious but not like a disease:

Studies have shown that it is impossible to frown when looking at a group of people smiling. To be more specific, one person’s genuine smile sets the mood for the whole room. When the domino effect begins, everybody instantly feels the energy and their lips twitch upwards into smiles. This is especially applicable during celebrations.

  • Immunity level greatly benefited:

The science behind relies on the cliché quotes ‘It’s all in the mind.’ When you smile, you’re immediately setting into motion a mood of relaxation in the mind which greatly affects the health of the body. Smiles bring in a positive flow of thought in your brains and boost your immune system too.

  • 5 to 53 facial muscles are at work:

Somewhere between a gentle smile and a gleaming one, 5 to 53 muscles around your lips work at helping you smile and boost your mood. Your muscles truly want what’s best for you.

  • Women smile more than men do:

Research tells us the women smile more than men and there is no real reason behind it. Perhaps, women are less hesitant to express their emotions and men generally like to keep their emotional range to the size of a teaspoon. But further studies show, when put in the same social situation, women and men smile equally. Baby boys smile lesser than baby girls, so maybe we’re just born this way?

  • Even from really far away, you can recognize a smile:

A smile is the most easily recognizable expression, more so than laughter. If you’re walking from one side of a bridge to meet a person on the other, you can tell very early one if that person is smiling or not. A smile is a universal sign of happiness that everyone looks forward to seeing in each other.

  • Smile first, make-up next:

Ladies, put down that lip gloss and go easy on that bronzer. It is said that 69% of the people find gleaming women more attractive than the ones with make-up. It all comes back to natural beauty and the glow from within, doesn’t it?

And yes, a word from your dental experts, DentoXpert, “a smile a day will keep your worries at bay and keep you happy every day!”

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