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Fight the urge to pamper your child, tooth and nail!

08 Dec , 2020

It’s easy to spoil children. Let’s face it, when the little brat throws a fit, as anyone who is even slightly responsible for them, the easy way out is to just give in to them and restore the balance in your universe. Very often, the means through which these objectives are achieved are by spoiling the young ‘uns teeth.

Let us at DentoXpert help illustrate this better!

Knocking the teeth out of those!

So your child is being the devil reincarnate and you need them to shut up. What better way to get them to pipe down? By giving them a good dose of candy of course! So if they throw a tantrum, they get candy and this becomes associative behavior. One thing that definitely happens here is that your child is not only being spoiled rotten, but is also being spoiled rotten where their dental health is concerned. This is not to blame your parenting skills, but here are a few things that you could be doing wrong, which eventually, is seen in your child’s dental health which suffers:

  • Resting it on the bottle: So your child is in a fit and you need them to settle down and not trouble you and that feeding bottle with the store bought milk formula is an easy fix! Yes it is, but don’t be selfish. This is the kind of shortcut that will ruin not just your child’s milk teeth, but also the permanent ones that will eventually come. Milk, especially formula milk, has plenty of sugars which stay deposited between the teeth and the gums and once the child falls asleep, you won’t bother brushing it off either!
  • New age social media parenting has shown the world the beauty of uploading beautifully taken meal plans for children. The most fascinating thing is that dry fruits figure a lot in these plans, specifically, raisins! In a light vein, dentists say that it is like giving children a sack of sugar to suck on instead and allow their enamel to rot. Because that is about the effect raisins have on teeth.
  • Brushing it off: So a ritual nightmare is to get your child to clean their teeth without too much conflict and as a parent, you might just want that one day where you don’t have to deal with it and you naturally put them to bed just the way they are. WRONG! Well, I admit that your child’s rotting teeth will probably be a welcome substitute to stress, but you must also know that once infection sets in, you’ll have to pay a hefty sum to get that out of their oral system. You pick!
  • Clinically important dental visits: We always assume that children are too young for this and they’re too young for that. This happens especially where dental visits are concerned because like every other situation a child has to face, it usually precedes a tantrum. So we wait till they’re older and more conscious about how the cute boy in class or the cute girl in class will notice them to take them to the dentist for a regular checkup. Do not wait till they’ve hit puberty. In this long wait, you’re costing your child a little more than just a healthy dating life, but a completely infected crown! Oopsie! Oops!

And so…

Just because your child has bad teeth, it doesn’t make you a bad parent. Just be a little more vigilant because dental health matters too!

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