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Give Your Dental Phobia a Break

08 Dec , 2020

What is Dental Phobia?

Dental phobia is an intense fear of dental procedures. It is the unreasonable and irrational dread that one faces to visit the dentist due to many reasons such as fear of the pain or uncertainty of the process.

It is important to note that dental phobia is vastly different and far more serious than dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is just an exaggeration of the fears that causes a sense of uneasiness and anxiousness before dental appointments. Whereas dental phobia is an outright body trembling fear that makes the concept of even sitting in the inclined chair of a dental clinic unfathomable.

Those who suffer from dental phobia avoid dental appointments even when they have severe pain, gum infections or broken teeth. It is safe to say that it is a psychological condition that needs to be handled with care and requires more than just a pep talk.

And DentoXpert ( ) gives you an insight into this and will tell you how you can overcome this too!

Effect of dental phobia

These panic stricken people are greatly affected by dental phobia. Let’s look at some of the effects it has on them and their personal lives:

  • More prone to early tooth loss and gum diseases
  • Poor health in general with lower life expectancy as poor oral hygiene is known for its adverse effects on the digestive system, heart and lungs amongst other systems of the body.
  • Takes a serious toll on their personal lives. Having discoloured or damaged teeth makes them feel insecure and conscious about their appearance. This leads to loss of  confidence in their social and professional lives.

What are the causes?

There are many reasons why people develop dental phobia, here are some of them:

  • Scared of the pain: This is the predominant reason for dental phobia. It is said that people with dental phobia automatically have a lower threshold for pain, which makes matters worse.
  • Uncertainty and helplessness: The feeling of not knowing what to expect as you sit there with your mouth wide open triggers anxiety and fear. They feel like everything is out of their control and that is never a good feeling.
  • Feeling of embarrassment: Having someone look inside your mouth is not something everybody is readily comfortable with. People with dental phobia are ashamed to have a stranger look inside and this could be because they are conscious about how their teeth look. The physical closeness also triggers anxiety and discomfort.
  • Negative experiences in the past: Sometimes, some past experiences can cause this.

Break the shackles:

 Here are some ways in which you can wave goodbye to your dental phobia:

  • Distract yourself: Anything to take your mind off of the dental procedure such as listening to music or letting your mind wander towards something you are looking forward to in future will help break dental phobia.
  • Counselling and therapy: Break past the social taboo against therapy and consult somebody who you can vocally express your fears and experiences to. This goes a long way as you may find closure to your dental phobia.
  • Hypnotherapy: It brings a feeling of safety without having to take any medications. Hypnotherapy helps numb fear and anxiety while the dentist does his work.
  • Be comfortable with your dentist: Establish a good understanding with your dentist beforehand and make sure he/she is supportive and aware of all your shortcomings. Your dentist should be transparent about all the procedures involved but in a supportive way.
  • Pre- Medication : Your Dentist may assess your psyche and may opt to pre-medicate you with anti-anxiety drugs which will alleviate much of your anxiety and fear.
  • Conscious Sedation: Your Dentist may subject you to Conscious Sedation where in the patient inhales Nitrous oxide substantially bringing down the fear and anxiety.

Do not let dental phobia overtake your health, personal and professional life. Stay in control and seek help whenever needed.

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