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Here Are 5 Ways To Protect Your Health If You Are Battling A Sweet Tooth

08 Dec , 2020

Does your morning breakfast only leave you craving for a treat two hours later? To cope with your afternoon slump do you grab a bar of chocolate? Then gulp down a can of coke to wash everything down.

It is true – munching on sugary snacks does leave you craving for more. Simple carbohydrates which lack proteins or fats can wholly satisfy your hunger and give your body a boost of energy which is only short-term. They leave your body just as quickly which then keeps you famished which makes you crave more.

Here are few ways you can soothe your sweet tooth in a healthy manner.

  1. Rely on natures candy

Fruits and vegetables have sugars called ‘fructose’ which occur naturally in them. Few delicious and sweet examples are:

  • Pineapples
  • Strawberries
  • Melon
  • Beets
  • Apples
  • Sweet potato

When you eat these fruits or vegetables minimally or fully processed, it can be a great way to cater to that sweet fix. Additionally, they also have a tonne of nutrients, low-fat energy and fibre.

  1. Snack on something else

A sweet tooth can be stubborn and drive you up the wall. However, this can also be a way of your body telling you that it needs more energy. To get energy, override that need for sugary snacks and turn to a healthier way to satisfy your hunger. Try one of these snacks:

  • Peanut butter
  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Yogurt with low sugars
  • Crunchy vegetables
  1. Sip on a glass of water

This can be a definite surprise! – More common than hunger pangs, the strong need for a sugary treat can simply be a cry for water.

Initial stages of being dehydrated are often confused with hunger. Regardless of the other beverages you consume, your body will still require water – pure is better.

  1. Read food labels

Sometimes you might feel like you deserve a treat and you can give in and munch on something sweet. However, a big issue today that we face is the fact that there is added sugar in almost everything that we consume. So that small treat you think of grabbing can just be the tip of the enormous sugary iceberg which you have already consumed. In order to cut down on this excess consumption of sugar, it’s important to read food labels.

  1. Fuel your system regularly

If you wait too long between meals then you are setting yourself up for choosing fatty and sugary foods which will cut your hunger out. Instead, eating small meals every few hours will keep your blood sugar stable and you will be satisfied.

It’s essential to remember the basics

We all need gentle reminders now and then.

Whether you eat sweet foods or not, it’s always good to maintain oral hygiene by brushing and flossing whenever required. Also, don’t forget to schedule regular appointments with the dentist!

For further reading – read this article to know ‘What Makes You Drool When You Smell, See Or Think Of Food’.

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