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I am managing to chew my food without my basic teeth and my dentist recommends having teeth replacement. What are the benefits?

06 Jun , 2018

Age and other factors often cause teeth to fall out. But when you lose teeth, there are a lot of options, other than living with gaps. It is impossible to chew properly without a full set of teeth, and for your long-term health, a good looking jaw is absolutely necessary. Just managing to chew food is not good enough, you should be able to chew food properly to be able to digest it properly. So let’s explore teeth replacement options and the benefits associated with these procedures.

What are your various options?

Dental Implants

The dental implant is as close to a replacement tooth as you can get. Unlike other teeth replacement options, dental implants are a replacement for the roots. The root of your tooth is implanted. The crown is fitted at a later stage. The biggest advantage is that there is no need to even touch the remaining teeth with a drill or other dental tools.


The bridge is cemented into the mouth. However, surrounding healthy teeth might need to be extracted to make sure the bridge, replacing the missing tooth, is able to fit properly. It requires enough support to be fitted.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are usually removable and require meal clips inside the mouth to stay in place. The partial dentures can be a temporary solution. The disadvantage is that partial dentures move around a little while eating or speaking.

What are the benefits?

Easier to eat

Missing teeth means you can’t chew properly. For proper digestion, chewing your food properly is an absolute necessity. Otherwise, there is always the option for turning all your food into a smoothie and drinking it.

Look good

Hey, who doesn’t love a shiny, white smile? We all do and we all want one. Choose the right teeth replacement option to look good and feel good.

Shape of your face

Missing teeth can alter the shape of your mouth or even your face. Depending on how many teeth are missing and from which place in your jaw, the shape of your face might look uneven. Plus, without the proper support, your jaw will not be able to stimulate bone growth. Therefore, teeth replacement is a necessity.

Self-confidence boost

When you have missing teeth, especially in the front, you will always feel self-conscious. You might not show your beautiful smile because you don’t want to show the gaps in your teeth. With teeth replacement, your jaw will feel complete and you will be more confident.

Reduce long-term dental problems

When you do not replace fallen or broken teeth, you might be inviting bacteria and other dental problems. Food might get stuck in the most improbable spaces and cleaning might become a hazard. Plus, your gums will be more exposed. Having a jaw full of teeth will mean less dental problems in the future.

So now that you know, consult your dentist right away and see what treatment option suits you.

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