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As a parent, a lot is passed onto your children. From your looks to behavior and even love for food! But did you know that the bacteria in your mouth too can be passed onto to your children?

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The memory of losing your memory might be pretty vivid but that was definitely a while ago. Now you need to put yourself in in the grown-up situation. You need to know more than being the ‘tooth fairy’ for your child. If there’s a problem with your child’s baby teeth, how much of a problem is it?

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After watching your baby for several weeks drooling and fussing, finally, you can spot that first tooth popping out. Your baby’s gummy smile, over the next few years, will be swapped with rows of baby teeth. Although they are tiny and eventually fall off, nonetheless they are important. For adult teeth, they are the acting placeholders. Speaking, chewing and other activities will be hampered if your child doesn’t have a healthy set of teeth. Which is why caring for them and keeping them free from decay is vital.

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