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The tongue is the first organ that comes in contact with food and allows us to savor and experience delicious tastes and flavors. Now imagine, what if something was wrong with your tongue and you couldn’t taste the spice or the sugar in your food! Horrible, right? Well to make sure your taste buds are fully functioning and always intact, we are discussing tongue problems and how these conditions can affect your basic oral functions.

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Have you ever thought as to why you have bad breath when you wake up in the morning? That evident smell is the outcome of the activity that’s taking place while you sleep through the night in your mouth. Although you feel your body is shutting down, you’re mistaken. There is a lot going on. During the day, saliva is constantly produced in your mouth helps cleanse the inside of the mouth. This constant cleaning forestalls the bacterium which is why as compared to night, during the day your breath isn’t bad.

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It’s time to whiff away from bad breath. Read these causes and quick fixes to get rid of bad breath. It’s simple, easy and extremely effective. Who would have thought?!

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It’s adorable when you find your baby fast asleep with a feeding bottle drooping out of their mouth making them look adorable. What we don’t realize is that their continuous contact with milk or any liquid for hours together results in premature tooth decay, known as baby bottle tooth decay. The decayed part of the […]

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There is no arguing with the fact that the key to maintaining excellent dental health is by taking good care at home. Everyone knows, if not, here are few things to follow – brush your teeth twice a day, flossing regularly, rinse your mouth after every meal, do not expose your teeth to too much […]

The post Why DIY Dental Care Doesn’t Work Long Term appeared first on DentoXpert Blog.

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