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Did you ever wonder if you got it right?

Did you mechanically follow through the teeth brushing routine every day and night and didn’t give it much thought?

Did you ever go looking for info if you were doing it right or if you were brushing the wrong way all these years?

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A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear and it’s the first thing people notice about you. A healthy smile is something that requires time and patience to create and maintain and if you’re aspiring to get one overnight, well, it’s not that simple.

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After watching your baby for several weeks drooling and fussing, finally, you can spot that first tooth popping out. Your baby’s gummy smile, over the next few years, will be swapped with rows of baby teeth. Although they are tiny and eventually fall off, nonetheless they are important. For adult teeth, they are the acting placeholders. Speaking, chewing and other activities will be hampered if your child doesn’t have a healthy set of teeth. Which is why caring for them and keeping them free from decay is vital.

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Toothache hits and it hits hard. The pain can be dull, irritating and nagging to even acute, intense and debilitating

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Avital step for maintaining good oral health is brushing. However, at times, too much of something good can turn bad too – same goes with brushing. There is no denying the importance of oral hygiene, but how much time you spend brushing your teeth matters. Don’t let that clean, fresh feeling fool you – excessive brushing can harm your gums and teeth.

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