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The tongue is the first organ that comes in contact with food and allows us to savor and experience delicious tastes and flavors. Now imagine, what if something was wrong with your tongue and you couldn’t taste the spice or the sugar in your food! Horrible, right? Well to make sure your taste buds are fully functioning and always intact, we are discussing tongue problems and how these conditions can affect your basic oral functions.

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Teeth grinding, the medical term “Bruxism”, is the process of grinding of teeth and clenching of the jaw due to stress and anxiety. Often, at times it ends up becoming a habit, and further, a problem. Teeth grinding may be developed at any age and happens subconsciously during times of increased stress or while asleep. It is essential to seek intervention before it causes severe damage to the teeth and other facial muscles.

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Dec 08, 2020

Teeth or Dentures

If you’ve lost teeth or if you have difficulty with dentures then the idea of eating without them might seem appealing. However, this can cause serious issues to the mouth, jaw, gums, and intestines. If you haven’t got implants to replace lost teeth and if you’re shying away from using your dentures, here are some reasons to reconsider your decision.

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while you so adore your furry friends, and take utmost care of it when it comes to the right kind of food, timely appointments with the vet, or even those fun moments of play and cuddle, do you also pay attention to your dog’s dental hygiene?

It may sound unbelievable, but it is true. Just as humans, your pets too require a dental routine.

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Beyond the teeth As an adult, your dental problems are limited to your mouth. A gum disease or tooth problem...

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As a parent, a lot is passed onto your children. From your looks to behavior and even love for food! But did you know that the bacteria in your mouth too can be passed onto to your children?

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