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The tongue is the first organ that comes in contact with food and allows us to savor and experience delicious tastes and flavors. Now imagine, what if something was wrong with your tongue and you couldn’t taste the spice or the sugar in your food! Horrible, right? Well to make sure your taste buds are fully functioning and always intact, we are discussing tongue problems and how these conditions can affect your basic oral functions.

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An average human being is said to spend approximately three minutes every day brushing the teeth. But have you ever wondered why you take that extra effort in dabbing that smear of toothpaste on your brush? If our forefathers maintained oral hygiene by merely chewing on twigs, then why undergo the mundane routine of brushing? Well, apart from the fact that a welcoming whiff of morning breath is not something anyone would like to start their day with. That, almost insignificant blot of toothpaste does in fact have some relevance. While some facts are well-known, some may be quite eye-opening.

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Dental phobia is an intense fear of dental procedures. It is the unreasonable and irrational dread that one faces to visit the dentist due to many reasons such as fear of the pain or uncertainty of the process.

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It’s adorable when you find your baby fast asleep with a feeding bottle drooping out of their mouth making them look adorable. What we don’t realize is that their continuous contact with milk or any liquid for hours together results in premature tooth decay, known as baby bottle tooth decay. The decayed part of the […]

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Whether your preference is Mirinda, Coca-Cola or Pepsi, there are two things about these popular aerated drinks that we know: They’re not good for us A number of us consume them regularly There is absolutely nothing holding one back from eliminating these beverages from their diet. However, just as anything else this too in moderation […]

The post The Impact Aerated Drinks Have On Your Teeth And Overall Health appeared first on DentoXpert Blog.

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What is an Overbite? Overbite or commonly known as ‘buck teeth’ go by several names, however, ‘pretty’ isn’t on that list. It is when the upper teeth project over the lower teeth. Medically, this is known as ‘malocclusion’. Although it’s pretty common, it isn’t anything close to comfortable. There can be minor buck teeth with […]

The post Say bye-bye to buck teeth! Here’s all you need to know about an overbite appeared first on DentoXpert Blog.

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