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Going to your dentist can be daunting for many reasons, most of which we are well-aware of. But there are certain unexpected red flags that escape our realm of consideration as the fear of dental surgery and check-ups loom upon us. One of the prerequisites of any dental examination is X-Ray. For your dentist to get a clear picture of your problems, dental X-Ray copies are important. But have you thought about how safe these X-Rays are? If your answer is yes, read further. If your answer is no, definitely, you have to read on.

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As a parent, a lot is passed onto your children. From your looks to behavior and even love for food! But did you know that the bacteria in your mouth too can be passed onto to your children?

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Does your morning breakfast only leave you craving for a treat two hours later? To cope with your afternoon slump do you grab a bar of chocolate? Then gulp down a can of coke to wash everything down.

It is true – munching on sugary snacks does leave you craving for more. Simple carbohydrates which lack proteins or fats can wholly satisfy your hunger and give your body a boost of energy which is only short-term. They leave your body just as quickly which then keeps you famished which makes you crave more

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Have you been reading so much about fluoride that you are not able to really make much of it? Is it too much info and not knowing how to process it? Well, not to worry, DentoXpert will give you some insight about why fluoride is a must-accompany part of your dental care routine.

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Dental phobia is an intense fear of dental procedures. It is the unreasonable and irrational dread that one faces to visit the dentist due to many reasons such as fear of the pain or uncertainty of the process.

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It’s adorable when you find your baby fast asleep with a feeding bottle drooping out of their mouth making them look adorable. What we don’t realize is that their continuous contact with milk or any liquid for hours together results in premature tooth decay, known as baby bottle tooth decay. The decayed part of the […]

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