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It’s definitely a challenge for most people to maintain optimal oral health. Today we live in a fast-paced society where a lot of our activities are carried out on the run, including eating. For proper oral care, you need time which seems to be in short supply too. Visiting the dentist, flossing and brushing seem more like chores.

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Apacifier is like magic for mothers: it’s so easy and quick and for many babies, it instantly turns off the tears and turns on the comfort. There is no denying that pacifiers work remarkably well at calming and comforting babies. This has made parents over the years highly dependent on them to stop the crying. However, before bringing this piece of magic in your home and introducing it to your baby, just be aware of some the advantages and pitfalls.

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The mouth is the starting point of the digestive tract system. The mouth is also known as the oral cavity or the hollow cavity that allows the passage of air in and out of the body. The mouth contains other organs inside it like teeth, tongue and salivary glands; all of these organs work together simultaneously to begin the digestion process. Digestion starts in the mouth because food is broken down in the mouth by teeth in the presence of saliva. It is very important to chew food properly because it forms a large part of digestion.

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Donning a jersey has both downfalls and perks. One side of it involves the physical activity which can enhance overall well-being, maintain weight, bring down the risk of various diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease and also strengthen muscles and bones. The other side of it is the side where you can put your body at risk to injury which can include dental trauma.

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An often overlooked part of your body – the mouth – just like other parts of the body requires specific vitamins and nutrients.

The mouth too is a living, changing environment like other parts of the body and treatment from just the outside (flossing and brushing) won’t fix your oral problems. You need to address it from the inside too.

Ask yourself – are you getting sufficient minerals and vitamins for maintaining healthy gums and teeth?

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Before you run off to your favourite bar or restaurant, we at DentoXpert have put together a list of alcoholic drinks that are good and bad for you in terms of the damage they can cause to your teeth.

Honestly, all types of alcohol are bad for teeth especially if consumed regularly. But for regular and social drinkers, it’s best to be aware of those alcoholic drinks that will erode/damage the teeth more than others.

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