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The tongue is the first organ that comes in contact with food and allows us to savor and experience delicious tastes and flavors. Now imagine, what if something was wrong with your tongue and you couldn’t taste the spice or the sugar in your food! Horrible, right? Well to make sure your taste buds are fully functioning and always intact, we are discussing tongue problems and how these conditions can affect your basic oral functions.

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An average human being is said to spend approximately three minutes every day brushing the teeth. But have you ever wondered why you take that extra effort in dabbing that smear of toothpaste on your brush? If our forefathers maintained oral hygiene by merely chewing on twigs, then why undergo the mundane routine of brushing? Well, apart from the fact that a welcoming whiff of morning breath is not something anyone would like to start their day with. That, almost insignificant blot of toothpaste does in fact have some relevance. While some facts are well-known, some may be quite eye-opening.

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Are periodontics and orthodontics related?

In a way, yes, they are related because they both have to do with the teeth and what is going on in our mouths.  This however is where the similarities between them ends.

So are they different?

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The mouth is the starting point of the digestive tract system. The mouth is also known as the oral cavity or the hollow cavity that allows the passage of air in and out of the body. The mouth contains other organs inside it like teeth, tongue and salivary glands; all of these organs work together simultaneously to begin the digestion process. Digestion starts in the mouth because food is broken down in the mouth by teeth in the presence of saliva. It is very important to chew food properly because it forms a large part of digestion.

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Vomiting can be one of the most gross and uncomfortable activities. While one always relates this activity to the larger body like the stomach, it is important to find out what it does to your teeth.

Examining the composition and consistency of vomit can result in showing the highly acidic nature of it, which severely affects teeth

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As a parent, a lot is passed onto your children. From your looks to behavior and even love for food! But did you know that the bacteria in your mouth too can be passed onto to your children?

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