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The Do’s And Don’ts After A Root Canal Treatment

08 Dec , 2020

While root canals might seem like more trouble than they are worth, in some situations they can be quite necessary and can actually be lifesavers. In fact, a young Egyptian pharaoh by the name of Tut-ankh-amun, otherwise known as King Tut, lost his life to an infected tooth and bad dental hygiene a few millennia ago.

An interesting thing about root canal treatments is that it is not nearly as painful as the time leading up to the procedure. Once you get the root canal done, you, your teeth and mouth are going to feel much better.

How do I take care of my teeth after a root canal?

It is relatively easy to take care of your teeth/tooth after a root canal. You essentially have to go about your daily routine; there isn’t much that you will have to go out of your way to do. However, there are something’s you might want to keep in mind as far as extra care is concerned.

  1. Don’t eat tough/hard foods

    To ensure that your tooth heals well after the root canal procedure, be sure to eat soft foods so that there is minimal pressure on the tooth while it heals. Too much stress could destroy the filling or cap, and then you’ll have to go in for round two of the procedure.

  2. Don’t chew on the side of the healing tooth

    Once you’ve got a root canal done, do your best to avoid chewing with the healing tooth. While this might be difficult, it is best to avoid doing anything that might aggravate the healing process. Even if you are eating soft foods, it is best to avoid letting it come in contact with the healing tooth.

  3. Don’t brush

    This doesn’t mean that you give up brushing completely, just that you do not brush your teeth too harshly while it heals. This might erode the filling and destroy the dentist’s hard work.

  4. Don’t consume extremes

    Things that are extremely hot or cold can aggravate the tissues around the tooth that are already inflamed and can cause quite a bit of pain. Be careful about what you eat and drink so that your teeth are not made to regret it later.

  5. Do visit your dentist regularly

    While you might never want to go there again, visiting your dentist’s clinic after a root canal is a must. This is so that your dentist can check the progress of your filling and see how well it’s healing.

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