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The Impact Aerated Drinks Have On Your Teeth And Overall Health

14 Jul , 2018

Whether your preference is Mirinda, Coca-Cola or Pepsi, there are two things about these popular aerated drinks that we know:

  1. They’re not good for us
  2. A number of us consume them regularly

There is absolutely nothing holding one back from eliminating these beverages from their diet. However, just as anything else this too in moderation can be tolerated.

Aerated beverages come with serious health conditions attached to them like obesity and Type 2 diabetes – it’s definitely worth looking into the impact these beverages can have on your health.

The impact of one serving of soda

Here is what occurs inside your body when you glug down 350ml of an aerated drink. It’s definitely food for thought. Here are the highlights:

  • The phosphoric acid in the drink counters the whopping 10 teaspoons of sugar (recommended intake for a whole day). If not for that then one serving would make you sick to your stomach!
  • Within 20 minutes of consuming these sugary beverages, there is a spike in your blood sugar which causes the liver to work doubly hard so that all the excess sugar can be converted to fat in order for it to be stored.
  • The full effect of caffeine can be felt within 40 minutes, which causes the liver to dispose of more sugar into the bloodstream.
  • A pleasure inducing dopamine fix is felt within 45 minutes.
  • Sometime around the one hour mark, phosphoric acid present in the soda binds itself with essential nutrients like magnesium, zinc, calcium, etc. and carries these vital nutrients from the bloodstream and into the urine where the nutrients get lost. Hence, they are lost rather than aiding in building and repairing your body.
  • Your system has been working overtime to balance the spike that occurred earlier which is why a little after 60 minutes, your blood sugar drops. This will make you feel irritable, sluggish and like you need something to alleviate your mood.

Thus, from a sugar spike initially to a sugar crash finally, your body goes through a roller coaster of effects thanks to aerated drinks.

The impact of soda on your mouth

The above-mentioned occurs later, even before all of that, aerated drinks begin their work in your mouth by coating your gums and teeth with sugar. It tastes so good because of the sugar and you aren’t the only one who loves the sweet taste of sugar.

Almost 20 billion bacteria call your mouth their home and some of them find sugar to be their main source of nutrition. When they feed on this sugar, they excrete acid which is very strong and acidic which cause the enamel to weaken. Weak enamel only means a possibility of cavities and chances of decay.

Most meals that you consume have relatively low sugar which makes your enamel less vulnerable to damage. However, drinking aerated drinks just means you are leaving the front door wide open for the bacteria to do damage.

The long-term impact of soda

Consuming soda over and over again does cause damage but take a look at the impact it has on your health in the long term:

Few health conditions linked to aerated drinks or the ingredients it contains are:

  • Asthma as it has high amounts of sodium benzoate which is used as a preservative
  • Diabetes and heart disease because of large amounts of fructose corn syrup
  • Kidney problems – The phosphoric acid present in soda can cause kidney stones additionally; vital nutrients like magnesium and calcium are flushed out of the body.
  • Obesity – Soda has an enormous amount of calories and absolutely zero nutrition.

In serving things up

Of course, that occasional serving of an aerated drink can be enjoyed and shouldn’t scare you. When consumed in moderation, aerated drinks can be that tasty treat you are looking for.

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