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Things you need to know about Toothpaste -101

08 Dec , 2020

An average human being is said to spend approximately three minutes every day brushing the teeth. But have you ever wondered why you take that extra effort in dabbing that smear of toothpaste on your brush? If our forefathers maintained oral hygiene by merely chewing on twigs, then why undergo the mundane routine of brushing? Well, apart from the fact that a welcoming whiff of morning breath is not something anyone would like to start their day with. That, almost insignificant blot of toothpaste does in fact have some relevance. While some facts are well-known, some may be quite eye-opening.

Interesting facts about toothpaste

Fluoride to the rescue

You can go old-school with neem leaves or charcoal residue, but there is no denying that fluoride is the reason why toothpaste just does the trick. From strengthening weakened tooth enamel and reversing tooth decay to ensuring the most sparkling pearly whites, fluoride does the job without having to undergo any trauma at the dentist. No wonder, it is acclaimed to be nature’s cavity fighter!

Teeth sensitivity woes

As uncommon as it may sound, toothpaste also comes with therapeutic effects. Those suffering from sensitivity or gingivitis might find this a saving grace. The presence of certain active ingredients aid in numbing the nerves as well as provide a robust layer over vulnerable centers around the teeth. Any trouble that relates to the inflammation of the gums is also easily overcome. With the help of appropriate toothpaste, you can enjoy your morning cup of hot coffee and favorite flavor of ice cream without having to cringe in pain.

Oral hygiene at the cheapest cost

As a matter of oral hygiene, it is advisable to brush after every meal. This is done to wash away those stubborn, residuary food particles that just won’t go. Mere rinsing may do the job. Sometimes, if you are lucky, a toothpick will do a better job. Toothpaste on the other hand, will get rid of excess layers of plaque and tartar that are formed on the teeth thus avoiding potential risks of developing cavities.

The ultimate mouth refresher

Halitosis or bad breath is a concern among many. If the aftereffects of eating garlic and onion make you self-conscious, then breath mints are sufficient in the short run. But the bacteria that produce these foul odors can only be done away with the help of toothpaste. Just a tiny dab of toothpaste will do the trick.

Not about teeth

Toothpaste may be popular for the benefits it accrues in terms of oral health. But a much lesser known fact is the added benefits that it confers for skin treatment. If your skin is not among the sensitive category then toothpaste will clear just about any pimple, zits or black spots. But too much may also tend to corrode your skin. A small amount of toothpaste is as good as any other fancy exfoliation scrub that claims to cleanse your pores.

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