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Top 10 Reasons For Toothaches

08 Dec , 2020

Toothache hits and it hits hard. The pain can be dull, irritating and nagging to even acute, intense and debilitating.

Everybody gets toothaches and they can be the onset of discomfort or even severe pain. It’s not only an extremely prevalent dental ailment but also a significant reason for people to end up at the dentist.

The natural assumption and the predominant culprit when one gets a toothache is a cavity. On the contrary, the probable reasons for a toothache are innumerable (most are treatable). If you are one who has experienced pain in the jaw or mouth, you know that the cause is most often a mystery to you.

To better understand and help pinpoint some of the reasons for a toothache, let’s narrate the common aspects that we encounter.

  1. Growing of wisdom teeth – Most often, when wisdom teeth begin to crown or have already crowned, they push other teeth against one and another and cause misalignment and also create pressure on your gums and jaws. Usually, an orthodontic treatment is the only possible remedy.
  2. Sinus Infection – If you have constant toothache in the upper jaw especially, the underlying cause can be sinus. Yes, if you suffer from sinus, it’s possible that the congestion and inflammation is causing the teeth in your upper jaw to hurt. This occurs because, sinus pressure specifically in the maxillary sinuses recurrently radiates to the mouth. This makes it seem like you have a toothache when as a matter of fact, you have sinus.
  3. Sensitive teeth – Do you dread extremely hot or cold food owing to the fact that every time you put something hot or cold in your mouth, you feel a sharp pain in your teeth. If you answered yes, then you most likely have sensitive teeth, either from weak enamel or receding gum line. This is a major cause for toothache.
  4. Gum disease (gingivitis) – Gum disease is a prevailing cause of inflammation, bleeding gums, redness, tenderness in the mouth and seldom tooth pain. Do not leave this untreated as the bacteria can affect the surrounding bone and gums. Go to your dentist for an oral-hygiene strategy to ward off gingivitis once and for all!
  5. Broken tooth, tooth fracture or injury – Accident, sports or even biting into something hard can lead to broken or cracked teeth. Sometimes, if the crack goes all the way down the middle, it can be really painful as that’s where the nerve endings are.
  6. Tooth decay – A common problem and a top cause for tooth pain is nothing but tooth decay. Cavities only begin to hurt when they pass the outer layer (enamel) and penetrate through to reach the inner layer of the tooth called as dentin. At such a point, the tooth becomes highly sensitive. An advanced stage of tooth decay is when the decay process reaches the pulp which is the innermost layer. You will feel sharp and acute pain.
  7. Brushing or flossing incorrectly – Brushing or flossing hard can irritate the gums which can make them bleed. If this continues for a prolonged period, your teeth will become lose because your gums recede and this can be painful.
  8. Teeth grinding – Tooth, neck, jaw and similar muscle pain is very common in those who grind their teeth. Excessive grinding involves grinding your top and bottom teeth back and forth violently against each other. As an upshot of this, you can have sore joints, headaches, jaw bones and even chipped or cracked teeth. All this can be painful.
  9. Damaged fillings – Fractures, deep pits and grooves are covered by dental fillings and most often safeguard vulnerable parts of the tooth. When they become damaged it leads to exposure of sensitive parts of the teeth to bacteria, extreme temperature and food particles. This can cause dull, mild or acute pain.
  10. Abscess – Serious tooth decay can result in the root of the tooth being infected which can then lead to the formation of an abscess. This will cause pain to that tooth and the surrounding teeth as well.

Now you know if you are having tooth pain, the reasons are far more complex than just bad teeth. It’s time to take your oral hygiene to the next level and frequent your visits to the dentist. Toothaches don’t take a night off. Hence, a quick visit to the dentist can take away days of agony and suscitate years of healthy teeth.

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