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Top Reasons for Bad Breath

08 Dec , 2020

It’s time to whiff away from bad breath. Read these causes and quick fixes to get rid of bad breath. It’s simple, easy and extremely effective. Who would have thought?!
Halitosis or in layman’s terms – bad breath, although a common problem, can be an extremely embarrassing health condition that may even put off your near and dear ones. Poor dental hygiene is the fundamental cause. You can put an end to your embarrassment or worry because it’s fairly easy to cure and plenty of treatments are offered. Easy home remedies and minor lifestyle changes can work wonders. Before getting down to the solutions, let’s find out what the primary causes of the smell trail are.

Poor oral hygiene: The most eminent cause for bad breath is this right here. Bacteria starts to build-up on your gums, tongue and teeth over time – especially between them, this build-up can generate unpleasant and rotten smelling gasses. To avoid this, you need to brush and floss regularly. This gets rid of the unwanted food that’s lodged in your mouth, else be prepared for the bacteria to cause bad breath. Go for regular check-ups to avoid the manifestation of problems. Always remember that your teeth, gums and tongue should be cleaned thoroughly.

Foods and drinks: The quintessential parts of Indian cuisine are some strong smelling and flavoured foods like spices, garlic and onion. Unfortunately, they have a fumy and iffy distinction – producing bad breath. Not just food but certain drinks too have a strong smell like alcohol and coffee. Even a soupçon of these items will make bad breath linger and waft its way around. The characteristic of bad breath caused by drinks and food is typically temporary. Just avoid eating and drinking these items especially if you plan to step out or meet people.

Dry mouth: Saliva is a great cleansing agent, and it’s freely available in your mouth eliminating particles that induce bad smell. Xerostomia or commonly known as dry mouth, because of the reduced levels of saliva production can lead to bad breath. Drinking alcohol, smoking, speaking, snoring or sleeping with your mouth open are few root causes of dry mouth. Dry mouth in few individuals is very short term but prolonged in few.

Other illnesses: If after a check-up with your dentist your bad breath continues then the odour can be a sign of some other illness within your body. Diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease, infection of the respiratory tract, bronchitis, etc. can be contributors to the problem. So do go to your general physician at such a time and check what’s going on inside you.

Stated above are few reasons for bad breath. Apart from this smoking, alcohol, certain diets, acid reflux in the stomach etc. can lead to bad breath.

It’s time to list out a few quick remedies to get relief from bad breath

  • After eating, brush your teeth and gargle
  • Floss at least once in a day
  • Brush and clean your tongue
  • Avoid situations that lead to dry mouth
  • Amend and improve your diet
  • Get regular check-ups
  • Drink plenty of water (this point cannot be stressed on enough!)

With a few simple steps, you can forget all about bad breath. Make tomorrow a fresh day, it’s never too late to start over and definitely never too late to be happy!

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