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While You Are Sleeping- What Happens In Your Mouth

08 Dec , 2020

Have you ever thought as to why you have bad breath when you wake up in the morning? That evident smell is the outcome of the activity that’s taking place while you sleep through the night in your mouth. Although you feel your body is shutting down, you’re mistaken. There is a lot going on. During the day, saliva is constantly produced in your mouth helps cleanse the inside of the mouth. This constant cleaning forestalls the bacterium which is why as compared to night, during the day your breath isn’t bad.

What happens in your mouth at night?

When you sleep, things change.

Your number one defence against bacteria is saliva. Saliva not only helps in killing bacteria but also breaks up plaque.

As you fall asleep, your body automatically signals the glands in your mouth to decrease the production of saliva. If this process didn’t take place then you would be constantly swallowing all through the night and thus, your sleep will be interrupted. Additionally, you also will lose a lot of water.

This decrease is what causes a dry mouth. A dry mouth makes for a more hospitable environment for bacteria and germs to breed and become active. Similar to other living organisms, bacteria and germs also need food. During the day they feed of the food you eat (primarily carbs) and at night, they feed on the proteins found in the mucus and saliva.

At night the bacteria in your mouth go crazy because you aren’t eating. They don’t find sufficient carbs to feed off of hence; they turn to the next best bet which is mucus and saliva found in your mouth. Bacteria in the process of digesting proteins emit sulphurous gases which are the cause behind that foul odour to come about at morning.

So now you know what’s happening inside your mouth at night. But how do you lessen morning breath

On account of your natural defences easing up at night, it is exceedingly vital to practice a good nighttime oral care routine. Be sure to brush your gums, teeth, cheeks and thoroughly floss. This routine will help in eliminating all food particles and other remnants in your mouth that bacteria crave.

This is the part you have to play in order to effectively combat bacteria and germs and also reduce the activity in your mouth that takes place overnight. Plus, it’s your key to getting rid of “morning breath”.





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