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Why Fluoride is a must for your dental care routine?

08 Dec , 2020

Have you been reading so much about fluoride that you are not able to really make much of it? Is it too much info and not knowing how to process it? Well, not to worry, DentoXpert will give you some insight about why fluoride is a must-accompany part of your dental care routine.

What exactly is Fluoride and what is it doing to my teeth?

To simply jump into the scientific jargon, Fluoride is an inorganic, monatomic anion of fluorine and is considered the most effective mineral in fighting tooth cavities. It’s often referred to as ‘’nature’s cavity fighter’’ which builds a wall against the attack of cavities.

We all eat foods daily that cause demineralisation of teeth which will eventually lead to tooth decay if the enamel layer is not repaired by re-mineralising the tooth. The foods we eat are made up of a composition of various substances that cause the enamel layer of the tooth to lose its minerals. If we do not coat a small amount of fluoride on our teeth, we’ll be hosting a party for cavities and other unpleasant enamel destroyers.

Where can I find this magical cavity fighter?

Well, getting your hands on fluoride is probably one of the easiest things because fluoride is found in mineral drinking water. Other sources include tea leaves, dried food, cocoa powder and walnuts.

Artificial sources of fluoride include fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash that contains the regulated amount of fluoride. One can also consult a dentist for a prescription of fluoride gels and other prescribed tablets and syrups.

The World Health Organisation has suggested that 1 mg of fluoride per litre of water can decrease the decay of teeth by roughly 29 percent, so that’s a great incentive for us to get our hands on this stuff.

Are there any age factors or other considerations for Fluoride oral care?

Fluoride has been considered relevant for all age groups, but specially made toothpaste for children does not contain fluoride in it because of the risk of kids swallowing toothpaste accidentally while brushing.  Although, it is important to note that the fluoride requirement per person differs from individual to individual. Some people are blessed with a higher natural resistance towards cavities than others.  People with braces may require a slightly higher dosage of fluoride because it’s more difficult for them to clean their teeth, so it’s suggested that they brush thrice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

But everyone tells me fluoride is bad?

Anything in any form and anything in excess will eventually lead to disaster, especially chemicals. It’s rather obvious that if you swallow a tube of fluoride toothpaste for breakfast you’re likely to get sick, but there’s no scientific evidence that proves that fluoride is necessarily bad, although, the benefits of this mineral has been proven to be accurate. All fluoride containing substances are regulated and are to be taken in a balanced manner. Fluoride in water has also proven to be a safe form of drinking water as it goes through the process of fluorosis and naturally strengthens teeth and fights cavities.

In conclusion, fluoride is a must in the realm of oral hygiene because it helps in the protection of the precious enamel layer and avoids tooth decay.

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