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When you smile, the whole world smiles with you; smiles are contagious. When one person is happy, the happiness spreads. That is only one of the superpowers of a smile. Smiling makes you look younger Many would be grateful for this benefit. Smiling makes other perceive you as being younger than you actually are. It’s […]

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What is an Overbite? Overbite or commonly known as ‘buck teeth’ go by several names, however, ‘pretty’ isn’t on that list. It is when the upper teeth project over the lower teeth. Medically, this is known as ‘malocclusion’. Although it’s pretty common, it isn’t anything close to comfortable. There can be minor buck teeth with […]

The post Say bye-bye to buck teeth! Here’s all you need to know about an overbite appeared first on DentoXpert Blog.

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During allergy season, dental health is the last thing on a person’s mind. They are more worried about their sniffling, leaking nose, congestion, etc. However, did you know that allergies can have an effect on your gums and teeth as well? Let’s see how: Tooth pain When you immune system wages war on dust and […]

The post Oral health tips for those who suffer from allergies appeared first on DentoXpert Blog.

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Age and other factors often cause teeth to fall out. But when you lose teeth, there are a lot of options, other than living with gaps. It is impossible to chew properly without a full set of teeth, and for your long-term health, a good looking jaw is absolutely necessary. Just managing to chew food […]

The post I am managing to chew my food without my basic teeth and my dentist recommends having teeth replacement. What are the benefits? appeared first on DentoXpert Blog.

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The tooth fairy is not exempt from the ebb and flow of inflation. Kids these days expect to land a jackpot under their pillow every single time. If you attempt to keep up with this fantasy figure, you may land up breaking the bank! Filling in the shoes of the tooth fairy isn’t an easy […]

The post Is it time for the tooth fairy? Ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket appeared first on DentoXpert Blog.

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