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    • Sonic Gen 8 Winner
    • Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush
    • Dual Clean Brush Head with Konex HD bristles
    • 4 Individual modes: Sensitive, Active Deep, Whitening, Yoga
    • Comes with a travel case
    • Travel Lock
    • Multi-Volt charging station with USB port

    • 2 Dual Brush heads

Product Description of Sonic Generation 8 Winner Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Sonic Gen 8 Winner from Switzerland combines softness and cleaning power. ​A high frequency and an amplitude of 8° create high speed and a wide range of movement. The toothbrush generates powerful currents of fluids within the mouth that push their way between teeth and beneath the gum line, washing away bacteria and residual food.

    • The toothbrush generates up to 42,000 brush head movements per minute.
    • The pack includes 2x Dual Clean brush heads.
    • UltraSoft Konex HD bristles.
    • The toothbrush helps in plaque removal, interdental cleaning, and maintenance of healthy gums.
    • 4 Individual modes: sensitive, active deep, whitening, and yoga. Separate choice of functions with memory.
    • The toothbrush has an electronic Travel lock to prevent unintentional activation.
    • The Sonic toothbrush has a quadrant timer and a brushing timer.
    • Toothbrush Timer with automatic switch-off.
    • Power consumption of 2.0 watts.
    • Rechargeable Li-ion battery.
    • Multi-Voltage Power Charger 100 – 240 V CE and GS certified.
    • One-component snow white matte handle.
    • Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush.
    • Limited warranty over two years.
    • The toothbrush has a charging station for USB low-voltage charger via PC or PowerPack, or the supplied multi-voltage adapter 100-240 V.


    • Swiss minimalist design that fits perfectly in your hand. Lightweight, slim, non-slip, and with clean lines.
    • Easy-to-fit replacement brush heads.
    • The toothbrush has up to two weeks of battery life.
    • The toothbrush also has illuminated icons that indicate function and battery level.

Legal Disclaimer

Hydro-Active Sonic Toothbrush EDEL & WHITE

Maintain your teeth very gently and let them shine in fresh white! With the toothbrush "Sonic Generation® 8.0" from Edel white, you get Swiss innovation products with revolutionary technology. Electric hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush.

The "Sonic Generation® 8.0" is a rechargeable hydrodynamic toothbrush with sound wave technology for 100% complete tooth cleaning. Sonic pressure waves create pulsating fluid flows that penetrate even narrow interdental spaces. Deposits and discoloration are removed around the tooth, leaving the teeth naturally white and healthy.

The Dual Clean brush heads clean two tooth surfaces at once and is gentle on the gums with their unique KONEX HD® brushes. Four adjustable modes. Sonic Generation® is available for a variety of applications. Depending on the need for cleaning, the cleaning function can be changed.

Choose between 4 modes: 

    • Sensitive: With Sensitive selected, sound waves sweep the bristle tips gently at 42,000 strokes per minute - ideal for sensitive teeth and gums.
    • Active-Deep: The Active-Deep mode is recommended as the primary setting for healthy teeth.
    • Whitening: Whitening mode with enhanced swiping action provides enhanced cleaning act and clears the teeth of discoloration.
    • Yoga: The yoga mode helps you with targeted exercise while brushing your teeth to improve the breathing rhythm.

Product Safety

This product is subject to specific safety warnings 

    • Warning: Not suitable for children under ten years. For use under adult supervision

    • Warning: To be used under the direct supervision of an adult 
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