Take a look at the kind of teeth that need braces. See if yours are a match!

Did you know that more than other facial characteristics, the alignment of your teeth stands out the most? A bright and straight smile is one that is most memorable. If your smile is not picture perfect then there are several orthodontic options available.

But how do you know if you need to go in for orthodontics? Are your teeth crooked or straight? Are you biting comfortably? Most often you can spot signs which indicate that you need orthodontic treatment but sometimes, it’s not apparent.

The following kinds of teeth could mean you need orthodontic treatment, have a look:

  1. Crowded teeth

This is the most common and obvious sign that you need braces.

Basically, crowding occurs when there is inadequate space in the mouth to accommodate all the teeth. The lack of room makes teeth crowd with each other causing crooked teeth. Unfortunately, over time, crowing gets worse and tasks that are simple like brushing and flossing will get problematic. More time and effort will be required to clean all the teeth thoroughly. If crowding is acute then there will be areas which are impossible to clean. When you aren’t able to clean your teeth effectively, food gets trapped between them and trapped food leads to gingivitis, tooth decay, bad breath, periodontal disease and low self-esteem.        

  1. Gaps in between teeth

If gaps are present in the teeth, it points out that the lower and upper jaws are not coming together properly. Gaps in teeth are caused by mouth tissue formation, thumb-sucking, genetics, etc. Additionally, the gum tissues between the spaced teeth are left exposed and are at risk of being affected by inflammation, plaque or infection. Bridging the gap, with the help of braces, assists to improve your smile as well as fix your biting problems.     

  1. Bite Issues – bucked teeth

Bite refers to how your lower and upper teeth meet and come in contact with one another, even when your mouth is closed. Malocclusion or incorrect bite is a problem that countless people suffer from and it should not be ignored. Wear and tear of teeth, chronic headaches, and jaw issues can be a result of an improper bite. In order to correct bite issues, you need to wear braces.    

Few FAQ’s

1. When is the right time to wear braces?

A. Those who suffer from orthodontic problems can get treatment at any age. Both kids and adults wear braces.

2. What kind of braces will I have to wear?

A. You are given a choice. However, the dentist is the best person to determine the best set of braces for you. You have metal, plastic, ceramic and the new and improved clear braces.

3. How long will I have to wear braces?

A. The duration entirely depends on your treatment plan. The older you are or more spacing or bite issues you have, the longer you have to wear them. Typically, a patient wears braces for 12-24 months.

4. Will treatment be uncomfortable?

A. The discomfort is brief and lasts only for the short duration after tightening.

5. What about home care for my teeth with braces?

A. Oral care is highly important. Brush and floss thoroughly and rinse your mouth especially after every meal. Sometimes, particles of food can get lodged in the teeth and braces, be sure to clean that out. 

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Last updated on 28 June, 2018.

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