Tell-tale signs of Babies and Teething

From the time you know you have conceived, through the many stages of pregnancy and the changes that occur to finally you actually delivering your child, every moment experienced is something new and filled with anticipation and you encounter a surprise or two every step of the way.

Once your bonny baby has arrived, then nurturing and tending to your child, you are watchful, alert, attentive and observant and just waiting to clock the different developmental milestones that happen in the course of the first year of your baby. 

A very important and significant milestone in your baby’s growth and development is teething.

So, if you are seeking those tell-tale signs or want to know when that first beautiful pearly set of teeth would appear, here are some factors that are indicative that your baby is teething:

  • Your baby is unusually irritable, touchy, finicky, and fussy and crying more than usual, this happens when there’s some pain and discomfort experienced when teething is happening. 
  • You notice reddened, swollen gums which is indicative of new teeth growing.
  • Your baby develops slight fever, and at times, you notice that they are not hungry, cranky and also have a stomach upset.
  • The baby is constantly pulling its ears and in a way trying to seek relief from teething pains.
  • Your baby salivates or drool no doubt, but when teething, there’s more drools happening and this is a sign of teething.
  • Babies suddenly feel like biting and chewing anything they get or can lay their hands on.

Those first signs of teething

  1. Did you know this? Here’s an interesting fact that you ought to know. Your baby’s teeth start developing while in the womb itself, the teeth start to grow under the gums as early as during Week 6 of pregnancy
  2.  Generally, most babies start teething between 4 to 6 months or sometimes, it sprouts even later for some
  3. The first sets of teeth that appear are the lower middle teeth which starts showing up between the months of 4 to 6 after birth
  4. The second set which makes an appearance are the upper middle teeth which starts showing up around the 8th month
  5. Gradually, between the 9th and 16th months, there’s more teeth appearing, and the teeth on the sides start to appear and this comes right beside the middle teeth
  6. Your baby develops its first set of molars around 12-13 months of age
  7. And for the whole set of milk teeth or the first set of primary teeth which includes molars and incisors to set in, it would be happen only by your baby’s second birthday utmost.
  8. Keep in mind, like in everything else there are late bloomers here too. Teething in some children doesn’t happen till they are about a year old, sometimes, even a little over a year.

Teething can be a tough phase to tide through for both the child and the parents. But like everything else, if you are prepared, alert and are aware about what to look out for, then you can sail through and it’s a eventful journey and you get to record, an important developmental milestone in your baby’s life.


Last updated on 03 July, 2017.

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