The 5 Must-know Dental Industry trends 2017

Since change is imperative and everything is constantly undergoing change, newer trends in every industry too, is but happening. And therefore, for 2017, the 5 trends actually making its presence felt in the dental industry space include:

1. Moving from Solo to a Group Practice

Now, there is an increased trend to gradually move from solo dental practice to partnering or getting into a group dental practice. The base reason of course is that it makes perfect economic sense. Bandy up, bring together specialties, and niche experience, you will draw more patients’ and a wider pool too. And this trend looks like it is appealing and proving beneficial and is more or less likely to stay. 
And with customers’ or patients’ being greatly discerning, and are aware and in the know, it makes sense to cater to them as a group rather than as a solo practice. 

2. Technology comes calling

Like every aspect of life is invaded by technology, even in dentistry too, it is proving its might. And dentists’ are welcoming and adapting to this trend. Innovation and innovative measures are always good. And accordingly, dentists’ are relying on digital x-rays to EHR records, CAD/CAM imagery, 3D printing, and imagery, and the latest in dental technologies. Technology is pervading any and every aspect of our lives and keeping in mind business growth and prudency, it is good to adopt technology wherever possible. 

3. Getting on the ‘cloud’

One of the oft used word, and underused in reality is ‘cloud’. With medical or dental practice becoming a lot more streamlined and is increasingly technology-driven, it is good for most dental practices to rely on cloud-based software to help manage, plan, store and process all information and this is definitely prudent, cost-effective, quick, and safe too.  

4. Niche specializations 

Changing trends and a bevy of information out there, patients’ too are increasingly becoming choosy about who to consult based on the type of dental issues they may be having. And this is changing the general landscape of dentistry and therefore, in order to appeal and stand out, dentists’ have to be able to focus or showcase their niche specialty and the advantage they come with. Instead of being a ‘jack of all’ it is better in the long-run to find a niche and focus on one stream or segment and then market it accordingly.  

5. Focus on Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is constant and evolving and it is seen as a dependable force that will help garner results. And that is why, most businesses are relying on digital marketing, and dentists’ should not be left far behind and it is good to hone your digital marketing strategies so as to make it count. And this is something we at Dentoxperts are also doing.  

  • Improvise and increase your online presence

 As a dentist, if you are not there yet, or are there but can do better, then it is time to overhaul your web presence and ensure that you have revamped your website as per the latest search parameters. Your website is optimized and is perfected to the latest search algorithms and SEO is a mainstay. 

  • Increase your mobile presence

 Ensure that your website is responsive and is mobile-friendly and when people are seeking information about dentists’ you should make sure you definitely do show up top of the list. With smartphones being the name of the game and having captured the world by storm, it should be a priority that a dentist augments their web presence and are as easily accessible via mobile too. 

  • ‘Content is king’

Adding or regularizing the blog section on your website is much advised. It would be good to constantly update, add, and post related blogs, articles, and listicles which are informational and interesting. It could be content that is to do with dentistry, latest news or even interrelated, like healthcare. Whatever be it, content should be posted in such a way, that your regular patients’ and also visitors’ are drawn to your website to just lap up the interesting, engaging, quality content that you have posted. And yes, if you stack it up with the right mix of keywords, it increases your online visibility and you automatically move up the search page rankings.

Additionally, video-based content or vlogging too is a good way to sustain interests’ and to draw newer patients and visitors too. 

  • Social media marketing

With digitalization, social media marketing too is only helping better your presence and augment your practice. And this is in a way is becoming key to any and every practice or business. Therefore, if you do have an online presence, enhance it with a good planned, social media strategy which includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. 

Finishing touch

Trends or change in operating style are meant for those who want to augment their presence. If you are looking to increase your patient pool, generate newer patients’ while retaining your existing patients’, it is good to be aware of these trends and you can adapt to whatever you feel you can and will help too. And not to miss, aggressive marketing should be your bottom-line. 

Last updated on 02 August, 2017.

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