The Chikungunya Virus and Your Oral Health

What is Chikungunya?

Chikungunya is a viral diseases that is an acute and self-limiting condition caused by the bite of an Aedesaegypti mosquito. It is one of the most lethal diseases known to mankind as the inception of it is not easily detectable. Of course, the surroundings that you live in are good indication of whether you are in the vicinity of being attacked by these infected mosquitoes. But most of the time – it’s hard to pinpoint which mosquito was the culprit.

Chikungunya is a globally dreaded disease that had reached epidemic proportions in many parts of the world like Jamaica. When a country or a state is hit by this wave of ill people, the primary, secondary, and private healthcare centers face a tough time to cure the disease.

Chikungunya is characterized by some familiar symptoms such as high fever, rashes, and joint pain. These symptoms are deleterious and ruthless on the body, and sap the energy out of the patient.

It is a disease that sees no distinction in age or gender. It can affect a child and an adult, the threshold of the adult being greater. To understand the diseases better, here are some more signs and symptoms of Chikungunya that have been observed in patients:

  • Loss of taste
  • Oral ulcers or mouth sores
  • Crusted lesions located on the lips and around the mouth
  • Inflammation and pain of the temporomandibular joints
  • Swellings and redness of gums, especially along the margin of the teeth
  • Thrush or oral candidiasis
  • Submandibular lymph node inflammation (also other lymph nodes)
  • Erosion of the oral mucosa lining

As you can see above, many of the symptoms of Chikungunya seem to make an appearance in the mouth. This puts your oral health in jeopardy too.

Read further to understand the link between one of the deadliest diseases in the world and oral hygiene.

Chikungunya vs. Oral hygiene

Chikungunya is a life threatening disease. With the high fever and incredible amount of pain and discomfort that one has to endure, monitoring proper oral practices comes last in the list of priorities of the patient.

On top of that, Chikungunya seems to show signs and symptoms orally, which further endangers your teeth and gums. So how do you not let it all be a domino effect?

It is important to know that there are measures that can be taken to treat the oral damages or symptoms of chikungunya. Using Bongela and oral gels to treat lesions, oral ulcers, and rashes in the mouth is paramount.

Warm saltwater to rinse the mouth can kill the pathogens and bacteria in the mouth. Despite going through the disease, efforts to continue on the path of disciplined oral hygiene go a long way. Don’t forget to brush twice and floss after every meal, even if you can barely concentrate on one task.

To summarize the article, chikungunya is one disease that has collateral damage in the oral health world. Keep your surroundings clean and your teeth cleaner, you can dodge the aforementioned bullets with ease.

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Last updated on 04 April, 2018.

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