What Your Smile Says About Your Gender and Personality

The premise

A smile is an important catalyst that boosts the energy of every conversation. When you converse with a smile and respond with a smile, it ties the conversation together. But a smile is more than just an obligatory conversation booster or a sign of good oral hygiene; a smile can be used as a tool to judge your personality. Furthermore, your teeth can also play a role in making your smile look more feminine or masculine.

There is no real science behind it and the crux of the concept rests purely on the judgement of people. When you’re meeting someone for the first time, you tend to be critical of every movement that the person makes – He or she could have a warm smile indicating gentle behaviour and overall compassion. Or a sharp smile where the eyes light up and it could mean they have an effervescent personality and a strong sense of self.

Gender specific smiles

Of all your teeth, your lateral incisors are the best indicators of whether you have a feminine smile or a masculine smile. Lateral incisors are the teeth on either side of your centre teeth whose shape, structure and placement is said to have distinct characteristics that give you gender specific smiles.

Lateral incisors dynamics

Here are different ways in which the distinct characteristics of your lateral incisors influence your smile:

  • Lateral incisors that are triangular in shape at the gumline tend to give a more feminine edge to your smile. On the other hand, squarer incisors make your smile more masculine.
  • Lateral incisors that are shorter than the central teeth and have rounded edges make your smile feminine. Whereas lateral incisors of the same size as the central teeth give off a more masculine vibe.
  • The size of the lateral incisors in comparison to the middle teeth matters too; the bigger it is, the more masculine your smile is and vice versa.
  • Lateral incisors that slightly tilt towards the centre and are tucked behind the middle teeth give a feminine feel to a smile. Straighter incisors give a more masculine look.

Canines vs. Personality traits

Canines are very important teeth, especially for the carnivorous animals and human beings. It helps tear the meat with ease so that the molars can grind it up. Perhaps that is why canines are called “fang teeth” and have endless pop culture references as being an indication of aggressiveness and dominance. From hissing snakes to Count Draculas, canines are believed to be personality indicators.

  • Longer, larger and prominent canines indicate an aggressive personality
  • If the canines are sized similarly to the surrounding teeth, it indicates submissive personality
  • Pointed canines point towards a dominant character
  • Rounded tips of canines indicate passive personality

“Hello! Can I speak to a smile designer?”

Now that we see how important a smile is in setting a first impression about your personality and dispositions, the ball is in your court. If you feel like your smile is setting a false first impression about you, smile designers can help you get the perfect smile to match your personality specifications. It’s just one call away!

Interesting isn’t it? We can now even alter our natural smile! J

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Last updated on 08 February, 2018.

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