Dental Health

Tongue tied baby: all you need to know about the symptoms and effects

Find out what tongue tie is and see if your baby is bothered by it...

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My child’s teeth are discoloured? Why?

Discolouration can be embarrassing even for children Find out the reasons for its occurrence...

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Is your baby spitting out solids? Its called the extrusion reflex – learn more here

Your baby is born with a reflex to suck See what other reflexes it has...

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Does your child have excessive saliva? Should it worry you?

Drooling is absolutely normal even for adults Here is all you need to know about your baby and excess salivation...

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Dental Crowns (Caps) for Primary (Baby) Teeth - Some must know

This article deals with baby or primary teeth and the need and reasons why dental crowns for baby teeth are opted for...

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