Blunderbuss Canals

Normally, a root canal is wider towards the neck of the tooth and narrower at the root tip / apex of the tooth. In blunderbuss canals, there is an open tooth apex in which there is no conical taper to the root canal. The canal is wider towards the apex than the cervical area. This is called a blunderbuss canal.

When Trauma or decay causes a pulpal exposure or periapical involvement, prior to the completion of root formation, an open apex/blunderbuss canal is the result.

Radiographic examination of the tooth helps us to diagnose blunderbuss canals

Due to large apical diameter and smaller coronal canal diameter, debridement is difficult. Lack of apical stop makes obturation/ root canal filling difficult. The thin root canal walls become prone to fracture

First Option – Apexification: multiple visit procedure using calcium hydroxide, Apexogenesis Second Option – Periapical surgery with root end filling Third Option - A one-visit apexification procedure, by using MTA

Last updated on 26 November, 2018.

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