Post and Core

A post is a metallic/fiber structure that is placed within the body of the root of a tooth that has been previously endodontically (RCT) treated but lacks enough tooth structure to recieve a crown on top of it. The part of the post that is visible is called the core. It is upon this core the crown can anchor .

A post and core holds a restoration on to a tooth which has too little remaining structure to retain the restoration itself.

In fabricating your post the dentist removes part of the plastic filling root canal filled material making sure to leave the last five millimeters to seal the end of the root. Further the canal space is shaped to receive the post. The post is cemented using a luting cement. Although posts are usually recommended when there is minimal support for a crown, they are not always necessary. The use of a post will be determined on an individual basis based upon support and structural requirements.

  • Custom fabricated
  • Pre-fabricated

Posts are made of three types of materials:

  • Metal
  • Porcelain
  • A fiber reinforced resin material

Having a post and core involves some inherent risks both to the remaining tooth structure and to the post and core itself:

  • The root of the tooth may be perforated when placing the post, necessitating the extraction of the tooth.
  • Under stress, the post may torque the root of the tooth and cause it to fracture, necessitating the extraction of the tooth.
  • Under stress, the cement holding the post and core on to the tooth can fail causing the post and core to leak, loosen or fall out.

The alternative to having a post and core is to have the tooth extracted and replaced with:

  • Dental implant
  • Bridge
  • Removable partial denture

A well planned and fabricated post and core will serve for a long time. As such there are no restrictions in the chewing pattern. But with application of awkward forces during chewing pattern there are instances of post getting dislodged.

Last updated on 02 December, 2018.

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