Serial Extractions

These are extractions or tooth removal done in growing children, as a measure to prevent future misalignment of teeth.

When the child is in the Mixed Dentition stage or earlier i.e. the milk teeth are present and permanent teeth are also erupting.

It is better to take a specialist dentist’s opinion before conducting this (a Pedodontist or an Orthodontist)

Selected deciduous teeth (milk teeth) are extracted in a sequence. This means what teeth are extracted depend on each patient and what problem we are trying to alleviate. But generally, deciduous canine and molar teeth are removed.

Periodic evaluation with a dentist during development of teeth can give an indication. A specialist will then further evaluate and take records, like x-rays and teeth models, to judge whether or not your child needs serial extractions.

The chances of malalignment of teeth increases. Or, the malalignment which occurs will be worse than when treatment would have been done earlier. Hence, there is a chance that orthodontic treatment will take longer to complete.

It is strongly advised that the periodic recalls continue and are not stopped abruptly. If patients do not report for regular follow-ups, treatment will fail.

  • Requires clinical judgement
  • Prolonged treatment time can result
  • Patient compliance is a must.

It helps in guiding the permanent teeth into their correct positions in the mouth. If intercepted at an early age, it could reduce the severity of malocclusion. This in turn can reduce orthodontic treatment time during the later stage.

Erratic extraction of milk or permanent teeth leads to formation of even worse alignment. The procedure must be performed by a specialist dentist or, by a general dentist only after a consultation by a specialist.

Last updated on 26 November, 2018.

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