Dental floss is the most enigmatic of all the oral hygiene devices. There are people who swear by it and then there are people who swear at it. Flosses are threads which are snapped in between the teeth, encircling it and used to clean the inter dental areas. There are no two words about the efficiency of dental floss. However, the trick lies in mastering its use. Dental floss requires fairly high degree of dexterity to be used. However, everything is not lost. Things have been made easier, with the advent of Floss holders which are essentially 'Y' or 'F' shaped holders which can be hand held flosses strung to them. Flosses are available in various types such as waxed, unwaxed, mono-filament, multi-filament , spongy etc.... Recently, there are many takers for Powered flosses as well. Well, go ahead and Floss like a Boss.