Tooth brush is to oral hygiene as air and water are for life. Our day rarely begins or ends without this essential product. It is the single most important oral hygiene tool and choosing the right one makes all the difference. DentoXpert delves deeper and helps you make the right choice. Use of toothbrushes dates back to 3000 B.C when Babylonians began using it. Well, the fundamentals remain the same. However, there has been a sea of change in the materials, comfort and types of brushes available. We are literally spoilt for choice. Pick a tooth brush which has soft bristles (Unless otherwise indicated) with a brush head small enough to reach all nook and corner of your teeth. A powered brush is a good choice, if you lack the manual dexterity required to brushing teeth, or you are applying greater than required force in manual brushing, or you have a specialized need or you are plain lazy. Whatever it is, do remember to brush both in morning as well as in the night for at least for two minutes.