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Piksters Interpiks are soft rubber disposable interdental brushes which are ideal for cleaning between teeth and under bridges, crowns, dental implants and around orthodontic braces. Intelligently engineered as a ‘one size fits all’ ensures you don't need to carry multiple sized interdental brushes. Each 30 pack is packaged in a hygienic carry case to ensure your Interpiks are stored securely until use. Each packet contains 30 disposable Piksters Interpiks in a hygienic carry case.


  • EASY: Simply push in and out between your front or back teeth. With a newly designed and extended handle reaching the back teeth has never been easier.

  • CONVENIENT: One size fits all design prevents having to carry different size interdental brushes with you.

  • HYGIENIC: Each 30pk is enclosed and packaged in a hygienic a portable carry case.

  • DISPOSABLE: For utmost hygiene simply use and discard each Interpik after use.

  • SAFER: Safer and less chance of damaging the teeth and gums when compared to traditional wooden toothpicks

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